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  • The world luxury brand shop,Singapore DFS duty-free shops

    Known as a gathering most global luxury brand DFS duty-free shops in Southeast Asia Singapore shopping paradise. This shop is located in the Orchard Road shopping di...(Share)

  • Singapore Christmas

    Every year at Christmas, shopping mall and Hotel Singapore Orchard Road on both sides of the all the effort, decorate it, has become the tourists and local people ea...(Share)

  • Singapore River

    We are familiar with the river is a river, but the Singapore River is a salt water intrusion in water river, 4 kilometers in length, was also known as the mother riv...(Share)

  • Merlion of Singapura

    The Merlion is a fictional fish head animal. It was founded in 1964 by the Van Kleef aquarium curator Fraser Brunner designed by mr.Two years after being used as a s...(Share)

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